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At the Family Economic Policy Lab (FEPL), we specialize in mixed methods program and policy evaluation. Our team blends rigorous quantitative analysis with innovative qualitative methodologies to deliver comprehensive insights about current economic issues.

We recognize the importance of storytelling in shaping policy and practice. Our methods are designed to both measure impact and to drive narrative change that creates meaning and collective action in our communities.


Global Collaborations for Local Impact

We believe in the power of collaboration. Our team partners with a diverse range of international experts to ensure each project benefits from global perspectives and local context. This collaborative ethos ensures our evaluations are culturally relevant, technically sound, and strategically aligned with our partners’ goals.

Quantitative Rigor

Our quantitative evaluations are a pivotal component of our evidence-based approach. We utilize advanced statistical techniques to measure and interpret the effectiveness of programs and policies. We delve deep into data, uncovering actionable insights that drive informed decision-making and policy formulation.

Qualitative Innovation

We complement our quantitative analyses with cutting-edge qualitative research. These approaches allow us to capture the nuanced experiences and stories behind the numbers, fostering a deeper understanding of the contexts and communities we study. Through narrative analysis, visual storytelling, and participatory research, we explore the human dimensions of policy impact, facilitating narrative change and empowering voices often left unheard in traditional evaluations.

Commitment to Excellence

Our dedication to methodological excellence and innovative research design positions us as leaders in the field of program and policy evaluation. We are committed to delivering evaluations that are not only methodologically robust but also meaningful and transformative, driving positive change in the communities and sectors we serve.

Research Approach

Our research approach is founded on the principles of collaboration, diversity, and impactful scholarship. We prioritize partnerships that span a spectrum of academic excellence and perspectives. We work closely with colleagues from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), top-ranked private universities, think tanks, and a variety of other institutions dedicated to social research. This collaborative model enriches our research and reinforces our commitment to producing work that is inclusive and representative of diverse viewpoints.

Community-Driven Research 

At the heart of our methodology is community-based participatory research (CBPR). CBPR is a collaborative approach that actively involves community members, organizational representatives, and researchers in all aspects of the research process. We prioritize CBPR to ensure that our work is not only about communities but also with them, fostering the co-creation of knowledge that respects local expertise and promotes shared decision-making. This approach helps us to develop research that is responsive to the community’s needs, culturally relevant, and more likely to yield practical, impactful outcomes. By engaging directly with communities, we build trust, enhance the relevance and quality of our research, and contribute to the empowerment and self-determination of the communities we serve.

Integrating Education and Research

We are a teaching-focused institution deeply committed to integrating students into our research endeavors. We provide mentorship and training opportunities, preparing the next generation of policy scholars to approach their work with a nuanced understanding of the complexities of social issues. Our students are involved in every stage of the research process, gaining hands-on experience while contributing fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to our projects.

Diversity as a Strength

We believe that the diversity of our team and collaborators magnifies the strength of our research. We bring together scholars and students from varied backgrounds and institutions, ensuring our research is grounded in a multitude of experiences and perspectives. This diversity is not just a value, it is a vital component of our methodology that enhances the rigor, relevance, and impact of our work.

Advancing Social and Economic Justice

Our research is driven by a mission to advance social and economic justice. We approach every project with the intention of breaking down harmful stereotypes about families living in poverty and challenging prevailing narratives that marginalize vulnerable communities. We strive to illuminate the systemic barriers to equity and propose evidence-based solutions that promote inclusivity and fairness.

Commitment to Impact

At FEPL, we don’t just conduct research, we engage in scholarship with a purpose. Our projects are designed to advance academic knowledge, inform policy, influence practice, and contribute to meaningful social change. We believe that by embracing a collaborative, diverse, and mission-driven approach, our research can be a powerful catalyst for progress and justice.

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